Mango Tomato Bean Salsa

Summers are all about rejoicing and relishing the king of fruits – Mango. There are many varieties of the fruit available but we love the Alphonso variety at home. Alphonso is considered to be among the most superior quality of Mango in terms of sweetness, richness and flavour. It is also one of the most expensive varieties of mango and is grown mainly in the western parts of India including the Ratnagiri and Raigad districts and in the Konkan region of India.

Did you know that there are great benefits associated with Mango? They help fight cancer, alkalize the body, aid in weight loss (yes! You heard right), regulate diabetes, help digestion, clean your skin, and make the perfect snack.

Apart from relishing it as it is as a fruit the most popular way the people in the Western parts of India prefer making is Aam Ras (Pulpy Mango Juice) to be enjoyed with Puri’s (Indian deep fried flatbread). The sweetness of the fruit pulp is quite beautifully balanced with the salty flatbread when dipped and eaten.

At home, I prefer using it in many dishes namely – Lassi, Milkshakes, Morning Cereals, Soufflés and Ice Cream.

So, we got hold of our first batch of organically grown Ratnagiri Alphonso’s which we enjoyed a few in the form of shakes and in fruit salads and a couple of them went into making this yummilicious twisted Mexican Salsa recipe.

Instead, of the regular ingredients like onion, tomato, I ended up mixing a hand full of Red Kidney Beans into the sweet and tangy salsa which gave it an amazing texture as well as flavours. What else would I ask for if it makes it for yet another beautiful way of combining proteins and fibres into diet.

Whether it’s a mid-week meal or a weekend barbecue, these Mango Tomato Bean Salsa are pretty quick and easy to make and a perfect summer’s dish. I serve them straight up as an appetiser to dig in along with the gluten-free Corn Tortilla’s or Lavash, but if you like your extra carbs stuff it into the wraps, taco’s or burrito bowls for a perfect Summer Mexican Meal.

Our favourite meal for the match nights includes juicy succulent grilled chicken fajitas loaded with this tangy sweet Mango Tomato Bean Salsa. It’s quick, simple, and delicious. It’s easy on the eyes, too.

Mango Tomato Bean Salsa

  • Servings: 2-servings
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print


  • Cuisine: mexican
  • Passive Time: 15 mins
  • Course: appetizer
  • Preparation Time: 10 mins
  • Cooking Time: 5 mins


1 cup Alphonso Mango, cubed
1 cup Red Kidney Beans, boiled
1 Tomato, cubed with seeds removed
1 Green Chili, finely chopped
small bunch Mint Leaves, fibelt chopped
1 tbsp Lemon Juice
a pinch Kosher Salt


  1. Add all the ingredients together in a large bowl.
  2. Gently mix the ingredients and adjust the seasoning.
  3. Serve Mango Tomato Bean Salsa as an appetizer or served along side your grilled vegetables as a salad for supper or even fill into your wraps, burritos or tacos to make it a perfect summer meal.


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