Teabox – Tea Appreciation Masterclass

So, a while ago we received an interesting invite to attend the ‘Tea Appreciation Masterclass‘ hosted by Teabox. It was on one of the warm weekend afternoons, N literally jumped in joy and was looking forward to the event for an ardent chai lover that he is. We love our teas / chai at home, as much as we love the strongly brewed filter coffee. Although, there is always a little chai war at home as to which one is better – my dilli style ( the half an half water to the milk ratio, Kadak and served in a big mug) or his mumbaiya style (with more milk, more adrak and served in tiny cutting glasses). 😛

Teabox hosted a perfect soiree for an intensive interactive tea appreciation session with its in-house tea experts. The session touched upon two main aspects of tea- how to recognize different teas and how to judge the quality of the tea at hand. These are two fundamental areas in tea appreciation, upon which other topics, such as tea tasting and blending, rest and we as an audience appreciated every bit of it.

Apart from showcasing the difference between various varieties of tea from different regions of Darjeeling, Assam, Nilgiris and Nepal along with special customised blends such as Assam Masala and Morning Dew to name a few, which was an eye-opener for many, the Teabox tea experts also showcased the latest innovation – the TeaPac. We experienced the sealed-at-source freshness that’s taking the world of tea by storm. These are the first individually packaged tea bags sealed at the source using a natural nitrogen flush that keeps the tea as fresh as the day it was picked. The latest addition to Teabox’s line of exceptional tea products, TeaPacs offer the highest quality, loose leaf tea from Teabox’s premium collection in a more convenient, on-the-go option without compromising flavor or freshness.

TeaPac – individually packed & sealed teabag

Teabox has introduced 18 refreshing varieties of TeaPacs, the largest selection of loose leaf tea bags on the market. These include traditional favorites like English Breakfast and Earl Grey, and specialty blends like Masala Chai and Mountain Rose. Sold in boxes of 16 priced at INR 240, customers can mix and match any 3 boxes of their favorite teas and for INR 500 and above avail of free shipping. We made the most of the novel, delicious and freshness-filled opportunity with TeaPacs, conversations and more.

After the engrossing interactive session, we felt more connected to our daily cup of fresh tea. Being a lover of white teas, I am now looking forward to their next session on the same.

For more information on the various varieties of teas on offer, check out Teabox.


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