Nithya Anantham is a MBA graduate, an ex-Marketing Consultant and now a full time ‘Fusion Chef’ at home. She is a food enthusiast by heart, who loves to explore various cuisines and experiment the same in her kitchen with the easy to available local ingredients. Being self-taught, most of what she cooks is picked up through reading, experimentation, and a lot of trials and errors. Having lived across India has given her an opportunity to savour some of the amazing local cuisines of our country. She also loves to travel, which lets her to discover and learn the local food culture of a particular place / country. After all, a country’s cuisine tells many stories about it, beginning from how a dish was put together, cooked, and even served. The cuisine is simply too big a part of a country’s identity to ignore.

Her style of cooking is fairly a mix of traditional as well as unconventional, making it a fusion. She tries to improvise a lot of traditional recipes by adding her own twist with the easy to available healthy organic produce. If she isn’t cooking or traveling, she is perhaps looking for interesting recipes that are extremely delightful for the palate, or those that will teach her some new techniques.

Through her blog ‘Kaapi-Licious‘, she wants to showcase that cooking isn’t as tough as it may sound. Cooking is rather a fun activity to indulge in. She believes in bringing in a change to the conventional method of cooking. It is not the end of the world if you do not have one particular ingredient available for your recipe, there are always an alternative to it. As Julia Child beautifully put it – “If You’re Afraid of Butter, Use Cream“.

Come, enter the world of alternate cooking, recipes that are fun to cook, at the same time easy to spin in no time. 🙂

Connect : kaapilicious (at) gmail (dot) com

Catch her on social media for more fun and to read about her interesting #KaapiStories :

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