Dal Paratha with Stuffed Paneer

We love Paratha’s at home. Paratha’s are nothing but Indian flatbread made using either whole wheat flour or any flour of your choice. And when these parathas are smeared with ghee (clarified butter), it makes them even more heavenly. Paratha’s make for a wonderful breakfast dish in India. Make them plain and serve them with veggies or stuff them with your favourite ingredients to make it a wholesome dish. The husband man calls me his makeover queen. I hate wastage, so leftovers always gets a makeover at home. More so I have learned to introduce ‘all that the husband hates’…

Aloo Matar (South Indian Style)

Spuds / Potato / Aloo / Urulaizhilangu call it whatever is everyone’s favourite. Every cuisine across the globe uses spuds in some way or the other in a myriad of dishes. Potatoes along with Green Peas is a classic Indian preparation. This is one dish which is at top of any vegetarian menu next to Paneer (Cottage Cheese). Every household has their own version of preparing Aloo Matar. The North India make use of garam masala (Indian spice mix), while the South India make do with their own homemade kozhambu podi (nothing but curry masala). Though, most of the days…

Mango Tomato Bean Salsa

Summers are all about rejoicing and relishing the king of fruits – Mango. There are many varieties of the fruit available but we love the Alphonso variety at home. Alphonso is considered to be among the most superior quality of Mango in terms of sweetness, richness and flavour. It is also one of the most expensive varieties of mango and is grown mainly in the western parts of India including the Ratnagiri and Raigad districts and in the Konkan region of India. Did you know that there are great benefits associated with Mango? They help fight cancer, alkalize the body,…

Corn Pulao

 I love cooking with rice and I love the one pot meals. Corn Pulao is one such easy peasy recipe which you can spin in no time when you are pressed with time. It take just 20 minutes to cook and needs simplest of the ingredients which is easily available in the kitchen. It is a complete meal in itself, also makes for a wonderful lunch box recipe.

Banarasi Chooda Mattar

If you are bored of making Poha the usual way, try this simple yet delectable Poha prepared in a royal way. Also known as Chura Matar, is a Banarasi twist on the usual Poha. It is a winter delicacy of the place though, when the markets are flooded with the winter produce – Green Peas / Mattar. It is quite simple to prepare but is a dish bursting with flavours.

Guilt Free Fruit Cream

Summers are all about spinning cold salads and desserts at home. This dessert brings back good old childhood memories of Maa making this easy peasy dessert for us in sweltering Delhi summers. Of-course, her recipe still tastes much heavenly than mine, with loads of ‘Maa Ka Pyar’ added as a gourmet garnish! 🙂